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How can we help?

om-tiriIn most cases, children are unable to put into words what is worrying them. The experienced psychological problems and physical symptoms are therefore difficult to associate back to the root cause.
The surrounding environment in which a person is in also has a major impact, not only on the adult population but children's also. Children are increasingly more sensitive to the energies that surround them so all the ridden, unresolved toxic conflicts from both the micro and macro environment are flowing towards them in a multiplied dose.
The pressure is increasing and we now have more and more "problematic children", /children  that are being diagnosed with problems and disabilities.
In turn, most of them are not "problematic Children, they just struggle in their attempt to contain the immense strain.
They react to this strain with sudden outbursts to attract attention in an attempt to seek answers to relieve the pressure, that then gets them placed as 'problematic'.
The OM-TIRI method is able to help here!
While working with colours, pictures, stories and other Om-Tiri resources, Children are able to bring up, spontaneously, feelings and thoughts that were not known consciously by either the child or the parents.
Perhaps you can view the problem from a new angle and able to resolve it, through colours and energies.

It is important to note that the OM-TIRI method is energetically effective no matter if the child is just observing or actively or passively (withdrawn) taking part in the "game."
It is essential for the effective theraphy that children feel trust and love flowing around them.
How we use the OM-TIRI Method:
We emphasise the importance of Prevention, because it is always better to prevent the problem or recognize it in time that there is a need for help.

There are three levels of prevention strategies:
Primary way of Prevention: Promotion/ Courses for parents and educators. Presentations available to introduce different kinds of problem children and possibilities to bring them back to balance, actually the OM-TIRI method.
Secondary Prevention: Cases/ Situations that are still in early stages, where the problem hasn't left irreversible damage , not imprinted. Here we need urgent action, immediate treatment via personal consultations in Kindergarten, School or in Childcare Centres.
we aim to detect and treat cases early on, still in early stages.
Tertiary Prevention: We eliminate the consequncies, reduce the damage , halt the deterioration. Rehabilitation is a possible option.

OM-TIRI organise and offer Group sessions on various topics, where the focus is on 'finding Yourself' through personality development,  unfolding personality and social skills.
When is an individual consultation recommended?
Children with challenging behaviour : diagnosed by parents, educators or any other professional experts where the behaviour is different from the expected rules or boundaries of the place, and they can not find the cause.

Eg. (including but not limited to):
- Conscious anxiety,
- kind of anxiety, depression that is formed deep inside the person and is expressed in an
  unhealthy way with unexpected behaviour
- Phobia, panic,
- Trouble sleeping/ sleeping problems
- Compulsive behaviour
- Traumatic events,
- Increased excitement, hyperactivity,
- Lack of emotional responsiveness,
- Different from normal/ expected behaviour of children,
- Some forms of aggression,
- The behaviour, how the child operates doesn't fit into any of the current educational/pedagogic directions
- For children with special abilities (clairvoyance, hearing clearly, clearly sensing). etc

OM-TIRI would like to assist these children to be able to release the lock of deep anxiety, to find understanding and help for a more harmonious functioning within family and in the world.
Children here will find understanding and a place where they feel belong. This will in turn enable them to find the way back to themselves!

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