Art Therapy

Art Therapy

Art therapy is all about everyone! OM-TIRI®' s method  and within this creatve therapy is result of the experience of recent years.

OM-TIRI® is working  not only with children with special abilities, with SEN children  too. We recommand group and individual sessions.

Let enjoy the day with us! Just have a fun!:)

Goals to art therapy intervention

  • - self discovery
  • - make free
  • - good tools for relaxation
  • - let the traumas go
  • - enjoy creative energy
  • - inspires others
  • - exploring feelings
  • - it can be useful in any situation
  • - mental and emotional well being
  • - spontaneous painting, drawing etc.
  • - painting drawing out
  • - deepen the color perception
Drawing Analysis
The importance of knowing what is the meaning of a drawing becomes more and more apparent when we consider the fact that today’s children have a special, unique way to express themselves with different symbols, colours and forms.

In my therapeutic practice I have collected plenty of material that gave me the inspiration to undertake some intensive  research.
It revealed some very exciting connections.
Every age and every type of problem showed its own connection.
A proper curriculum was made of these colourful messages.
Why do I recommend the drawing analysis?
Because it plays a very important role in prevention, what OM-TIRI® represent.
It could reveal problems, hidden blocks in time. Parents recognize the signs but relate them to something different.

When Parents start becoming aware that there is something wrong, they don’t need to rush to therapy straight away and put your child under pressure with long tests and analyzing procedures. Preventative assessment is possible from pictures and drawings.
Each drawing is part of a process, so we suggest to look at more than one picture.
One or two drawings are good as a guideline, I see which way the child feels at that moment ,  are there any challenges or can we talk about the environment that the child is in.
It is more cost efficient than a whole therapy series.
This analysis could be as an additional part of an other therapy process, and can lead to success in every way.
You can save time and energy if you recognize the source of the problem in time and can support the child’s healthy development in the future.
You can use this along with any other  therapy, it is compatible with all therapys.

In case we find a blockage:
OM-TIRI® offers several opportunities to solve the problem.
Order it now: on any OM-TIRI® contacts!